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🎉 For the first time in history, I am participating in Black Friday!

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Learn German: Step by Step to Fluency

Stop getting lost and delayed in an ocean of disconnected materials.

Finally have everything you need in one place, with a teacher and friend to take you by the hand.

You are tired of... ​
  • spending hours just looking for the right material for studying yourself

  • learning with disconnected topics and videos from Youtube that don't follow a clear sturcture

  • feeling like you are loosing way too much time on gamified language apps

  • group classes that are either too slow-paced or advancing too fast

  •  hearing the endless explanations in German which actually only your teacher understands

  • feeling uncomfortable because even after years living in Germany you still don't feel confident enough to express yourself in German

  • people constantly switching to English when you try to use your German


Imagine instead that you...

chat with people about all kinds of topics

easily find the right words to say

experience Germany

"from the inside"

speak on the phone without fear

stop asking "Do you speak English?"

take notes at the parent-teacher reunion

attend meetings

with your German-speaking clients

and colleagues 

feel independent, proud and "at home" in Germany

You don't need to do it all alone! I will be happy to help you out. 🤗

Emily USA

Heather USA

Elena Spain

Petr Czech Republic


Wayne USA

Shubhi India

Start to feel comfortable and confident with your German!

Recommended for learners who have already completed level A1.

But there is lifelong access, so if you'd like to get it now, you can always get back to it whenever you feel ready. 😉

After years of creation and improvement, I am so excited to introcuce...

The German to Go Complete Language Course

The self-study course that will help you achieve fluency even if you are busy.

  • Strengthen your basic grammar so you have strong foundation to build upon.

  • Practice your speaking skills so you feel confident in real-life situations.

  • Build your vocabulary so you can stop looking for words when booking a doctor's appointment.

  • Improve your pronunciation so you are easily understood by others.

  • Learn about German culture and everyday life to avoid uncomfortable surprises.

  • Feel independent and get along well as an expat in Germany.

What you will get:
changes 5.JPG
Screenshot 2023-10-16 093108.png

🟢 Structured learning path
Stop learning from disconnected bits of grammar.

🟢 Comprehensive course
Find everything you need to actually learn in one place.

🟢 Video exercises and regular tests
Make sure you understand the previous topics before moving on to the next ones.

🟢 Downloadable materials
Print out worksheets, overviews and listen to MP3 files.

🟢 Vocabulary lists and grammar overviews

Have everythig you need at one glance.

🟢 Interviews with native speakers

See what German sounds like in real life.


🟢 Use the app to watch all your videos offline

Study even if you have no internet connection available.

🟢 Lots of speaking opportunities

Use the language in a safe environment and actually put what you learn into practice.

🟢 Access to the community

Get tips and encouragement from your fellow students.


20% off 146€/year.

Here is what they're saying...

I’ve worked with many tutors before Juliane and felt disheartened about learning German. After working with Juliane, my goals of becoming fluent in German were suddenly within reach. It’s been about a year now since I’ve signed up on Germantogo and I feel so relieved to finally be able to make sense of the language. Without a doubt, this is the best German course ever created. (Priyanka, India)

After having struggled for 5 months trying to learn the German language on my own and feeling pretty much out of my depth, I came upon the wonderful Juliane and her germantogo German language learning website. Starting from scratch and now having completed the A1 part of the course, it has been a revelation and really enjoyable. Scott (Scotland)

And you will also get this!
Aussprache-Training - Das CH.jpg
Aussprache-Training - Der Buchstabe R_Página_1.jpg
Screenshot 2023-10-30 112751.png
40+ videos with explanations and...

1 test for your individual pronunciation assessment
        → so that you know what you need to improve

12 Zoom meetings in a group
        → for more feedback and practice

PDF downloads for all lectures

       → to have everything at one glance

18 videos with "mouth gymnastics"

       → to learn how to actually produce the sounds

80+ tongue twisters recorded with native speakers

        → for some hearty laughs while you are studying

40+ pages with exercises

        → to practice the sounds within sentences

Gymnastik - gif.gif
You can do this, even if you think:
🤷🏻‍♀️ I am very busy and don't have time.

I know this feeling well. The day just doesn't have enough hours for everything we need and want to do. But it really is a matter of prioritising. How important is becoming fluent in German to you? Is it a goal that you actually want to achieve sometime soon? If so, you will need to squeeze it into your schedule somehow. I have done everything in my power to make this as easy for you as possible.

First, it's a video course. So you are completely flexible as to when you do the work. You can do 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes during your lunch break, and take 10 minutes in the evening to review everything right before you go to bed - on desktop or inside the app!

Second, the content is broken down into small, digestible pieces. There are regular repetitions. You won't get overwhelmed.

Third, the appealing vocabulary lists, grammar cards and worksheets will give you easy access to all the key lecture material at one glance.

Even busy people can learn a new language. I will be there to help you do it!

The course content is very well organized. The course is designed into daily sections, which don’t cost too much time every day. If you keep learning according to the daily schedule, you will improve fast.
- Qingyuan (China)

The course is well organised with each lesson building up on the other. Unlike other courses that focus mainly on Grammar. Juliane has designed well thought out high quality content to facilitate short, fun and interactive lessons. - Priyanka (India)

🤷‍♂️ I don't know if I'll be able to motivate myself.

Motivation and perseverance are essential if you want to succeed. As in every bigger project I can think of, there will be tough moments and occasional lows. In these moments, it is good to look back at everything you have already achieved - and to look forward and visualize what your life will look like once you have succeeded.


On German to Go, we have monthly Checkin Calls (for Lite and Premium members), where you can tell me where you are stuck and get some words of motivation from me and from your fellow students. If you hit a wall, you can also always let me know and I will make sure to look at your progress more closely and hold you accountable.

I recently set up a system that notifies me when someone hasn't logged in in a while. If this happens, I will also personally check in with you to see if I can help you in any way.

Juliane is an excellent teacher who cares deeply about the welfare of her students. She is always willing to go the extra yard to help and encourage.
- Biswadip (UK)

No other course have I found that has this personal connection. I sincerely cannot recommend this course enough. It is by far the best one out there.

- Diana (USA)

🤷🏿‍♂️ I don't think a video course will be as good as an in-person course.

Well, I genuinely believe that it will be even better. You can advance in your own pace - without missing important points becausse the teacher is going too fast or without having to wait for slower classmates. You can take all the time you need to take notes, because you can pause the video whenever you like. You can even come back to a video and rewatch it at a later point.

The course structure is based on my one-on-one lessons and I took care to make it as personal as possible. You won't just see commented slides - you will actually see my face in every video. And I will make pauses to give you time to formulate your answer, almost like in a real setting.

With a Premium subscription, you can ask all your questions in the forum. I will get back to you within 24 hours and you can read my answer and my corrections to your practice sentences whenever you like. They will be there forever.

This online video-course is much better than the class because you have a 24 hours access to it and you can pause, replay how many times you wish. And believe me it will not be easy to find a more professional and well prepared teacher. - Migen (Albania)

I must admit that Germantogo is the best online language course I have ever joined. I personally think it is even better than many other offline courses I have been. - Van (Vietnam)

🎉 For the first time in history, I am participating in Black Friday!

To get 20% off my complete course and all additional materials (annual membership), use the coupon code "BLACKFRIDAY" on the checkout page.


🎉 For the first time in history, I am participating in Black Friday!

To get 20% off my complete course and all additional materials (annual membership), use the coupon code "BLACKFRIDAY" on the checkout page.

Available plans
Access to all materials!
 146 € / year 


 14 € / month 

(+ VAT where applicable)

✔️ Access to all levels:
         - Beginner (A1)
         - Elementary (A2)
         - Intermediate (B1)

✔️ Structured learning path

✔️ 900+ lesson videos

✔️ Exercises and tests

✔️ Downloadable worksheets

✔️ Downloadable audios

✔️ Vocabulary lists

✔️ Watch your lesson videos offline through the GTG app

✔️ Access to my full pronunciation course

✔️ Access to our "Sprachcafé"
       (regular student-only meetings)

✔️ Access to our community

✔️ Lots of additional materials to practice your reading, listening, speaking & writing skills

✔️ Join single group conversation sessions with a teacher for 7€ / 35 minutes

✔️ You can pause your membership once a year for a maximum of 2 months.

With personalized guidance!
 548 € / year 


 50 € / month 

(+ VAT where applicable)

🟡 Everything from LITE plus:

✔️ Includes regular group conversation sessions with a teacher

✔️ Get personalized answers to all your questions

✔️ Receive personal corrections

✔️ Read other students' questions and my answers

Get a plan
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Step 3

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Follow these steps to get your membership!
Satisfaction Guarantee
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Sign up without any risk!

If you decide this program is not for you, you can get a full refund on annual memberships if you cancel within 14 days. Just email me at and tell me why you would like to have a refund. Please note: refunds will not be given to those who have downloaded more than 2 weeks’ worth of PDF worksheets or other resources. Thank you for your understanding and support.

But don't just take my word for it...

If you are a complete beginner or want to improve your knowledge its a must have course. The course is perfectly structured and following all the steps you will learn proper grammar and all the required words and expressions that reflect the respective levels. Juliane has put a lot of efforts in creating the course and you will be impressed with what the membership has to offer.

Sadat, Macedonia


Juliane is an amazing teacher and her interactive online course is wonderful. She diligently prepares lessons and activities as well as helpful exercises & videos. It is by far the best online course I have ever taken and would highly recommend it to any beginner or student who wants a refresher. She is a thorough, helpful and organized instructor and makes the lessons fun yet challenging. I’m looking forward to continuing my studies.

Kelli, USA


German-to-Go has become the most important element in my journey of self taught German. I have studied several other languages and Juliane really is the best language teacher I have ever had. I wasn’t so sure about taking a video course over private tutoring online, but her teaching technique, materials, website and personal feedback are outstanding. The lessons are strategically sequenced step-by-step with key vocabulary and grammar constantly reviewed, helping the student build on prior skills and internalize the syntax. Her technique makes it possible for me to retain the material and helps me gain confidence. I know that I can ask Juliane questions at any time, and she is amazing at clearly explaining the concept with examples and corrections. Her feedback is very timely and clear. No other course have I found that has this personal connection. I sincerely cannot recommend this course enough. It is by far the best one out there.

Diana M Wallach, USA


Hallo! I am glad that I found German to Go because Juliane is an amazing teacher. The course has a path that you can follow to learn everything properly. It is not like many other online courses that you only have bites of content. Juliane explains everything, answers questions and is really helpful. There is also more content, not only the video course, so you can learn the language and also know more about the culture.
This is so far the best German online course that I know.

Fernanda Freitas Campos, Brazil


After having struggled for 5 months trying to learn the German language on my own and feeling pretty much out of my depth, I came upon the wonderful Juliane and her germantogo German language learning website.

Starting from scratch and now having completed the A1 part of the course, it has been a revelation and really enjoyable. As we all know we won’t get anywhere without a bit of hard work and if you put the hours in with germantogo then it WILL pay off. The main reason for this is the germantogo creator, Juliane. Her teaching methods encourage her students to be eagerly awaiting the next lesson. She is a fantastic teacher but more so, she is also a very supportive friend and nothing is ever too much trouble. She is passionate about languages and determined to see her students succeed. She has brought me on leaps and bounds in all departments of the language, especially the grammar (which I was struggling with) which is an integral part of the way the language works. I now have a reasonable amount of confidence in written German and can hold conversations with my German partner on messenger. With each day that passes, I can only improve.

So in short “if you want to go and learn German… germantogo” Thank you Juliane.

Scott, Scottland


In two months I went from knowing basically nothing about the language to passing my A1 exam with 94%.
I can’t wait to go through the course again at a slower speed to really grasp the finer aspects and then move onto A2.

Gavin, South Africa


I have tried many different ways to learn German (online classes, Goethe Insitut) and nothing has worked so well as German to Go. Juliane is an amazing teacher and she has structured the courses so well. She makes it exciting to learn the language every day with short videos that give you a sense of accomplishment. She is also super responsive to any questions and so supportive. German to Go is incredible value for what you get out of it (tons of practice text, homework, etc.). Highly recommend to all aspiring German speakers!

Ana, New York

  • At what time are the speaking sessions?
    There are usually 5 sessions per week - one on every weekday and for one of 3 groups - beginners, shy speakers and advanced speakers. They currently take time at 9 am, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm or 9 pm German time. They are either led by myself or by Christine, who is another very good German teacher from southern Germany. At the moment, there is usually one session for beginners every week, 2 sessions for shy speakers and 2 sessions for confident speakers. But this can change according to my students' needs. At the end of each month, I ask my students to fill in a form to tell me which topics they would like to talk about in the following month, and which group and times would be most suitable. And then I try to arrange everything for the next month based on these answers. So, the times are not set in stone. :) At the moment, the groups are small - about 1-3 students for each session. Topic examples: diary (where we just say what is going on in our lives), role plays, hiking, food, picture description, reading a German poem together, animals, talking about photos (our own, to tell the story behind it), Halloween, traveling, ... There is a large variety and topics are based on the students' interests.
  • Is the course suitable for advanced learners?
    During my one-on-one classes, I have always had students from intermediate levels B1, B2, or even more advanced, who had a lot of gaps concerning very fundamental grammar. They managed to express themselves well, to say everything they wanted to say, but they kept making a lot of mistakes. Either they learned the language on their own and skipped important rules, or they attended a course in which the teacher moved forward too fast and didn't leave the students enough time to really internalise basics like the declensions, the past tense, word order etc. In my one-on-one classes, I actually went though A1 topics with many advanced learners to start filling these gaps. If this sounds familiar to you, then yes, the course is also for you!
  • How much does it cost?
    You will see all the membership plans available by clicking on “Pricing" in the top menu.
  • Is there any support as I go through the course?
    Right at the start, you can sign up for a New Member Welcome Call, which generally happens at the beginning of each month. In this call, we will get to know each other personally and you can tell me about your goals and wishes. At the end of every month, we can meet during the Checkin-Call. It's a monthly opportunity to chat about success, progress and challenges. This way, we will keep in touch regularly. Those who wish to ask lesson-specific questions that come up while working through the material and have sentences and short texts corrected, can sign up for the Premium membership. Once you are subscribed, you will get access to our forum. There is one section for each individual lecture. So whatever your doubts, I will make sure you have them clarified quickly so that you can move on with the lessons. In the forum, you will also be able to see all questions which have already been asked by your fellow students. Students who don't see the need to ask questions or for whom the option with personalized feedback is too pricey, can go through the course with the Lite membership, which does not include personal support beyond the Welcome Call and the Checkin Calls. 🙂
  • I have more questions. Where can I ask them?
    Just drop me a message at 😊
  • I just want to learn a bit of German for my next trip. Is the course suitable for me?
    If you want to be able to make your own sentences and be able to express most things you want to say on your trip, then yes, the course is for you. The first part of the course covers everything you need to know to reach a good, basic German - including asking questions, giving and understanding directions, reserving a room, understanding a German menu and so many more things. It corresponds to level A1 of the common European framework and covers the most important parts of grammar you will ever need in the German language. However, there is work involved. It is not one of these courses which teach you sentences to say in different situations and that you should learn by heart. In that type of courses, you might be able to quickly pick up some phrases that will be useful on your trip, but they won't give you the power of creating your own sentences and you probably won't understand what people answer back. So, it depends on the level of understanding and autonomy you want to reach and the time that you can invest for learning. If you are looking for a course that teaches you "yes", "no", "where is the toilet?" kind of phrases and only want to invest two or three hours of learning, this course is not for you. But if you want to understand the underlying structure of the language so that you can actually make your own sentences and even go a bit further, then it will be perfect for you. For each level, you will have to invest about 35 hours for my videos and some additional time for homework and review. And who knows, you might like it so much that you just keep learning until you speak it fluently. 😉
  • Is the course suitable for beginners?
    Yes, the course is absolutely suitable for complete beginners. I developed the curriculum when I was taking my one-on-one students from speaking no German at all to speaking it fluently. The whole course progresses naturally and logically, with clear explanations and many exercises to practice.
  • What about your "Sprachcafé"?
    In addition to the teacher-led sessions, there are "Sprachcafé" sessions, organized by students to chat without a teacher - currently on every Monday (8 pm), Wednesday (3 pm), Friday (7 pm) and Saturday (9 pm, 2 pm, 5 om and 9 pm - German time). They are included both in the Lite and in the Premium subscriptions.
  • I am a teacher. Can I use your materials with my students?
    Yes, under certain conditions. Please send me a message to discuss the details. Thank you!
  • How is your video course different from other courses?
    No other German video course on the internet is as well structured, complete and versatile as this one. Even if you are a complete beginner, you will be able to follow without getting lost. Each lesson of my course builds up on the previous lessons, in terms of grammar and in terms of vocabulary used. In the beginners' stage, you will never be exposed to overly complicated and unnecessary words and sentences. We will constantly review the concepts seen earlier and do many, many exercises until you are able to do them in your sleep. Other video courses only contain grammar explanations and you are a passive listener. Here, it's not just a mere series of disconnected grammar or vocabulary videos. You get to participate and SPEAK yourself. We will do exercises together and slowly, step by step, increase your level of German. The course is very complete and will give you a profound understanding of the German language. It will lead you to being able to make sentences yourself and to speaking the language with confidence.
  • Do you have an app?
    Yes, we have an app! Both the Lite and the Premium subscriptions give you access to the app, which contains all lesson videos, as well as the PDF and mp3 downloads. It will give you the possibility to download the lesson contents within the app, in order to watch them offline. Please note however, that both systems do not sync, so your progress made on the app will not be registered on the website and vice versa.
  • What does my subscription include?
    Every subscription includes full access to all resources available on the website, 900+ lesson videos (130+ hours of content), pdf and audio files in the video course (currently "A1 - beginner", "A2 - elementary" and "B1 - intermediate"). ​ You will also be able to see everything inside "Reading", "Speaking", "Listening" and "Writing" which include, among many other resources, a big section full of authentic texts written and recorded by native speakers as well as sections on life in Germany and German dialects. ​ The "beginner" part of the course will lead you from zero German to being able to complete the language exam for level A1. With the "advanced beginner" part, you will be comfortable with the A2 exam as well. The materials for level B1 will prepare you for your B1 exam. ​ You will have access to all materials that will be published during the time of your subscription. With both the Lite and the Premium subscription, you can sign up for our New Member Welcome Call as well as monthly Checkin Calls to stay in touch personally. All members can join our "Sprachcafé", a casual students-only Zoom meeting which currently happens 4 times per week. In addition to all this, the Premium subscription will allow you to ask me all questions that might arise during the course. You can also send me sentences and short texts for correction. We have speaking sessions, too! There is one meeting per weekday and we will meet in small groups for beginners, "shy" speakers and confident speakers. All of these meetings are included in the Premium subscription. Lite students can also join for 7€/session. Each session lasts 35 minutes.
  • What is the video course like?
    The course is a video version of the one-on-one lessons I have been developing and teaching in the last 20 years. It's a mix of clear grammar explanations, many interactive exercises, role plays, cultural topics as well as texts and German music. For all materials, you will find a downloadable worksheet and audio file to be able to learn in places where you don't have access to the internet or for when you just don't want to be sitting in front of a screen. The course is made up of video lessons, but you are not supposed to watch them passively. You need to play an active part by saying the answers to my questions out aloud so that you can get used to actually SPEAKING German. There will be enough time for you to formulate your answers before I give you my correct version. You will actually SEE me in each video. I tried to design the course for you to have an experience that is as close to having a one-on-one tutor as possible. As a Premium subscriber, you can also always ask me your questions.
  • Does your course follow the Eurpopean Framework for Languages (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)?
    The course roughly follows the European Framework for Languages. However, the priority of topics varies a bit: For example, in textbooks, the adjective declension and sentences with "weil" (because) and "dass" (that) are usually taught a bit later in the curriculum. I consider them to be very fundamental and useful, so I teach them very soon in the course. Nervertheless, the official levels are indicated as a reference and for exam preparation. Each Level on actually covers more than what the European Framework for Languages specifies. ​ Currently, you can find the levels A1, A2 and B1. I also have plans to create a B2 course.
  • How much time will it take to go through the course?
    It will depend on how much time you are able and willing to invest to do the course. The suggested course schedule is designed in a way that you can complete one level in less than 6 months by watching about 15-20 minutes of video material on six days of the week. This is the minimum time investment I recommend. It is more important to study a bit, but on a regular basis, than learning for two hours once a week. If you have more time or if you are not a beginner and just want to review some aspects of the language, then, of course, it is possible to go through the course quicker. Try to do a little bit of German every day and you will be amazed by the results!
  • What are my payment options?
    You can pay by Paypal or credit card.
  • Is there a free trial or a money back guarantee?
    Yes, there is a money back guarantee. If you decide this program is not for you, you can get a full refund on annual memberships if you cancel within 14 days. Just email me at and tell me why you would like to have a refund. Please note: refunds will not be given to those who have downloaded more than 2 weeks’ worth of PDF worksheets or other resources. Thank you for your understanding and support.

🎉 For the first time in history, I am participating in Black Friday!

To get 20% off my complete course and all additional materials (annual membership), use the coupon code "BLACKFRIDAY" on the checkout page.