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Media Kit

Help me spread the word   :-D 


Do you like using German to Go? Would you like to help me spread the word?

Here are some ways you can help!

Thank you so much!


Small ads


Do you have a favorite coffee shop, university hang-out, or other spot where you could leave a small printed ad on the counter or bulletin board?


➡️ You can print one of these ad files and put them up anywhere you think other students might notice!

A5 Expolingua.jpg

→ JPG file
→ PDF file

Course information PDF


Do you want to share the German to Go course information with a friend, contact, or a company you know?


➡️ You can share this one-page Course Information PDF link in an email, on forums, or when recommending the course to someone by email. You can also upload the file directly to an email or Google Drive.


→ Information for individuals

GTG Presentation.jpg

➡️ Here is a longer company presentation which you might want to share with your company's HR department. Who knows, they might sign up with German to Go and pay for your course. :)


→ Presentation for Companies


Social media


Do you have friends on social media that might want to learn German, too? 


➡️ You can share my social media links below with them!


If you're sharing the link in a post, you can say something like, "I've been taking this course and have found it really helpful. You might like it, too... here's a link to check it out!"

  • Our free Facebook group

→ Link to the group

A place for independent German learners, with materials, activities and advice.

The more the merrier! :D

  • Youtube Channel

→ Link to Youtube


  • Instagram

→ Link to Instagram

​Thank you so much for your support!

It means a lot and really helps when students spread the word. 


Have you had a chance to share any of these? Or, do you plan to?


If so, feel free to let me know!

I'd love to make sure I personally thank you. 

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