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Student Testimonials
Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

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Student Testimonial: Aurélie

Student Testimonial: Aurélie

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German to go is a very thorough learning program. The resources are endless, but at the same time it is clear what steps need to be followed. There are tests at the end of every module (week) so you can see if you have understood the topic. I love how Juliane always revises and integrates themes during revision videos. I have just done really well on the German TELC B1 test and I can say that it is due to Juliane's course including having my writing corrected, plus lots of listening and speaking outside the course. Thanks Juliane.

Julie (Australia)

Julie Eggleton B1 Zertifikat.jpg

Juliane’s Course is far more than excellent. I came across the course after a series of frustrations, and just by watching the preview I could tell this was what I was looking for. This course took me from a complete beginner to fluent in about 6 months.

A huge advantage is that you can move at a pace comfortable to you. I chose to go as fast as I could. The concepts are so well explained, that I found myself smiling for the most part.

She also incorporates the concept of repetition so meticulously, that it doesn’t get boring but serves as a way to reiterate what you have already learned. Apart from the concept videos, you also get extra hören videos and audio, reading texts, and lots and lots of exercises. The Sprachcafe was my particular favorite and I met awesome people from all around the world, while at the same time practicing my speaking skills 😊😊. So really, with this course, you get to learn and perfect all the four foundations of a language.

Ooh, there is a section on new vocabulary that has been used in a particular instructional video, which does you give you the ability to write beautiful texts in German.

Everything was perfect in this course and I really did not have to rely on extra course books.

I also met Juliane in the online classes and she was such a kind and gentle teacher.

As I said, I completed the course in six months up to the B1 level. I then did a short self-study course using B2 books because, at this point, I was an independent learner. In my experience, the last sections of the B1 cover a lot of grammar present at the B2.1 level. This means that once you complete the course to B1, the transition to higher B2 and C1 levels is quite easy. I sat for the B2 Goethe exam in my 7th month of learning German and passed all modules with above 70%. It is a really a dream come true!!

With full confidence, I recommend this course to anyone serious about their German language learning 😊😊.

Vielen Dank, Juliane! ❤❤.
Greetings from Kenya!

Njoki Janet

I had done some courses over the years, mainly A1, and then lost interest as soon as we entered into the higher levels (A2, B1), as the pace was off, things stopped being fun and interesting, there was no way to practice with other people, etc.

Here, the lessons are easy to follow and always interesting, even when delving into the more tricky grammatical parts. One can do the lessons at its own pace and keep track of the whole progress, all in an engaging, almost gamified, way.

The issue I had with lessons on youtube or other platforms, was the organization, or lack thereof. But here you have everything in one place, nicely ordered and organized, with lots and lots of materials accompanying each video, with the possibility to download!
And the materials are really good! I like to make my own, but I ended up just using most of it as it was.

There's also a good balance of exercises and repetition (quite important, at least for me), without getting too boring or slowing down the pace of learning new things.

The community is another great plus, and the live speaking sessions with other colleagues and the teachers are a really fun and engaging way to put what we learned to the test.
It gives that extra boost of confidence to go out there to the real world and speak in German, finally!

There's for sure a lot more that I'm forgetting, like vocab cards, missions, new content/courses being added, etc. And the price for all of this, is in my opinion, quite fair (a steal actually).

TLDR: I’m the kind of person that likes to learn at its own pace, repeat things as long as I need until it enters my head, go back, review, have it all organized and then apply it in the real world – so this course is perfect, as it has everything I described above, and more! I really learned, and continue to learn a lot with this course!

Daniel Adelino

I followed Juliane's course from A1 right through to the end of B1. If the course went until C1, I would still be here :)

I have tried lots of language courses, but Juliane's is the most thought-out and easy to follow. I learned German very rapidly with her videos and later on with her speaking classes. Juliane is always available to answer any questions, and is always trying to improve, so it feels very personal, unlike many of the language learning apps, for example.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn German independently without sacrificing anything that you would get in a classroom.

Jenny Kellet

German to Go is the ultimate course to learn German. It drives you step by step to fluency in German and provides simple, detailed and high-quality explanations of each given rule or theme so that you won't find it hard to understand anything.

I have tried a B1.1 Goethe online course and directly found out that the explanations on German to Go are way better than those of this course. All these advantages German to Go provides over typical courses come at a fraction of the price of such courses.

I have studied the levels A1, A2 and B1 on German to Go and got good grades on the Goethe B1 exam even before completing the last 30% of the B1 lessons.

I want to thank Juliane for this amazing course, and I am sure that German to Go is going to be something way bigger in the future due to the big efforts done and the continuous creativity of Juliane. Vielen Dank!

Majd Massoud, Lebanon

These are great courses (A1 and A2), the best! Each lesson is focussed around a single topic and nicely bite sized. Juliane also encourages you to speak out loud during the the recorded videos, and I do, and so often do I feel a sense of achievement at completing some of the lessons I catch myself saying back to the computer screen “Thank you Juliane”, or should that be “Danke Juliane”.

The lessons are also very well structured and it is clear that the course material is mature and been under constant revision and tweaked over the years. The lessons are also structured in a way that something learned in an earlier lesson is repeated, over and over, and this regular repetition helps to reinforce the basics.

Somewhat oddly, I also find that gaining an understanding of some aspects of German grammar has improved my understanding of English grammar. Who would have thought!

I would recommend both the A1 and A2 courses for anyone wanting to learn German.

Michael O'Shea

I would like to study in Germany, and when searching the web to find a reliable German course, I watched the first sessions of the A1 level of Germantogo. How Juliane clearly explained the concepts, really touched me from the first impression and I decided to enroll in the course.

In each video, she constructs robust reasoning to explain concepts of linguistics that may be abstract and subtle but she does it in such a polished way that you don’t notice the complexity and she always keeps it practical. I watch the videos with focus and take notes of what I feel is important and then organize them, add my comments, and write any questions I may have. These, altogether help me to imbibe the subjects discussed.

Each level has 23 course-weeks, each incorporating 6 lesson-days along with a final test-day, and the final week is dedicated to review-practices and tests. With this structure, I could learn and practice step-by-step and now I feel confident about what I have learned.

At first, I was searching for a language institute in my city and I attended some of the most celebrated ones for one trial-session but finally chose Germantogo for three important reasons. First, with Germantogo I have an excellent native tutor along with a greatly-structured course.

Second, I can access the course anytime and anywhere I want. And third, although the course is invaluable, the pricing is quite affordable.

Shahab Musavi

I must admit that Germantogo is the best online language course I have ever joined. I personally think it is even better than many other offline courses I have been. Juliane knows how to make her students understand and remember grammatical rules and vocabulary naturally. After studying in this site, I feel much more confident to apply German on daily conversations and the language naturally comes out; it is really helpful for my speaking skill also. I could not finish all the levels here but I believe that if someone can spend time for this, they will be able to communicate perfectly in German. In terms of effectiveness and cost, I think it would be the best German course ever for anyone!!!


I have started my journey with Juliane when she was in Ottawa and I continued with her via Skype and then via Zoom as I realized that learning via Internet really works. I can attest to finding Juliane’s approach to be very dynamic, creative and very efficient. The structure of her courses have evolved and have become so interesting and varied. I truly think she is a master in teaching German. I recommend anyone who is willing to start learning German to give Juliane’s German to Go a good try and I know you’ll love each lesson as much as I love each of them.


German to Go is good to study German Language with from beginner step until master step.


Juliane is a wonderful teacher, I really enjoy the German program, you can learn as fast as you can, is up to you, but she can lead the way in order to archive your success in the best possible way, I recommend this 100%

Salazar F
Caracas Venezuela

This is by far the best German program for beginners for an affordable price. The material is very engaging and a lot of thought and work went into it. It is very immersive and enjoyable. Kudos Julianne!

United States

Germantogo is a wonderful course to have a jump start in learning German, the course structure is designed in such a way that one could easily get into the flow of learning a new language. And Ms.Juliane is a fabulous teacher who helps the students in every step.Thanks a lot for creating this wonderful course.


I really enjoyed Juliane’s German course. She has an amazing ability to anticipate a student’s questions and give clear and concise answers. Ausgezeichnet!

David Johnson
United States

I have enjoyed doing the courses from A1 to B1 in one year. They were very exhaustive but very good. I had seen other courses before for 6 months which were a waste of time. When in Germany I could be understood and also make conversations which was excellent. Off course it was not easy but I could not be more satisfied with the course and the help that Juliane gives to her students. Highly recomend.



Learning a new language has never been my strong suit. Especially German is quite hard to learn (at least for me). I tried different in-person courses, personal tutors, other online courses. However, non of them satisfied me so far until I saw Juliane’s course. Only word that can describe her course is comprehensive.

Let me elaborate for you. One of the first lesson is about alphabet and how to pronounce German letters. After this 10 min instruction, you are able to pronounce German words correctly. Especially someone like me living in Germany past 3 year, being able to read words out-load correctly was just incredible. Of course I still do not get the meanings 🙂

In short, she created a perfect structure to learn German language. You definitely can feel confident that she cover everything to learn from scratch.

I am still not a good German speaker. But no other course made me come so far. Even though this course is fully online, she is always there to answer your questions.

Get this course. You will not regret.


GermanToGo is the right place for any beginner to start the journey of learning german. The course is very structured, easy to follow and covers a wide range of themes. The course starts with the basics, such as grammar and easier vocabulary, and progresses to more complex topics that require investment from students, mainly for writing exercises. It requires some discipline from the student side, but the course is organized so that you can see daily progress.

Juliane is the best German teacher you will find. She is very supportive, tries new approaches to keep her students motivated and organizes the monthly Q&A sessions which are extremelly helpful. I really appreciate the effort that Juliane puts on creating new course content, and I am looking forward to learn from B2 with GermanToGo.


German to go course is absolutely fantastic. Course material is very well designed, structured, and presented!
Thank you so much to everyone from ‘German to go’, especially to Juliane!

‘German to Go’ Kurs ist absolut fantastisch. Das Kursmaterial ist sehr gut gestaltet, strukturiert und präsentiert!
Vielen Dank an alle von ‘German to go’, besonders an Juliane!

Nedeljka (Neda) Dojin

When I first started to learn German.. I realised how difficult the grammar can be… (English has always been my 2nd language.. So my grammar for English can be quite bad although we learn English since we were in primary school/kindergarten) so learning German with a very bad basic English knowledge is more challenging than I expected…

However Juliane’s courses has made it easier for me to learn.. And somehow I even enjoyed learning them.. I learned German from zero knowledge till I’m at B1 level only throughout this course.. Even when I’m stuck, or when I’m preparing for my exams… Juliane was always a BIG help… I cant thank her enough for all the knowledge & efforts I got from German-to-go. ❤️

Khairunnisa Izhar

Bonjour à tous,

Ce témoignage s’adresse particulièrement aux francophones cherchant une méthode efficace et ludique pour apprendre ou progresser en allemand tout en prenant du PLAISIR !

Par où commencer quand on n’a que des choses positives à dire ?
J’ai débuté les cours avec Germantogo en novembre 2020. Je dois avouer que j’avais hésité car le site n’est qu’en anglais et que j’avais une appréhension… J’ai contacté directement Juliane et mes doutes se sont levés : Juliane parle un français impeccable et je me suis inscrite en toute confiance. Les cours sont en anglais/allemand, mais les explications sont totalement accessibles. Du coup, cela m’a permis de travailler en même temps mon anglais ! Top !

Après avoir testé d’étudier seule avec des manuels et des livres, après m’être inscrite à d’autres cours sur internet (hors de prix et décevants), je peux vous assurer que Germantogo est la meilleure formation pour apprendre ou se remettre à l’allemand.

La méthode est progressive, "naturelle" et complète. Les cours en vidéo sont agréables à suivre et variés. Chaque niveau est divisé en "step" thématique, chaque step est divisé en leçons et chaque step se clôture par un test. J’apprécie vraiment cette structure bien carrée qui facilite les apprentissages.
Pour chaque leçon, il y a une vidéo, l’audio, le vocabulaire nouveau et les fichiers PDF. Toujours bien illustrée pour mieux retenir. On y apprend certes la grammaire, la conjugaison, le vocabulaire de tous les jours ou des thématiques spécifiques, mais aussi la culture et la civilisation germanophone.

Je ne me sens jamais seule. Quand je suis une leçon, j’ai toujours l’impression que Juliane est en face de moi car elle s’adresse à nous directement en nous laissant le temps de répondre…
Je me sens aussi particulièrement accompagnée dans cette formation car Juliane, très présente avec les réseaux sociaux, propose toujours une explication ponctuelle, un challenge pour nous motiver, nous pose des questions, partage son quotidien… C’est très motivant et ça me donne envie d’avancer !

Ce que j’apprécie beaucoup avec Germantogo, c’est de pouvoir mesurer ma progression. Juliane a mis en place des outils pour cela : une vue d’ensemble de chaque niveau et de chaque chapitre, des tests à la fin de chaque step, mais aussi des listes de vocabulaires, des fiches de grammaires, des textes à lire, des interviews à regarder… bref beaucoup de ressources qui permettent de faire de l’allemand sans que ce soit une contrainte et surtout avec PLAISIR !

J’ai ainsi pendant un an travaillé mon allemand avec le forfait simple de Germantogo (à seulement 99 eur). Au milieu du niveau A2, j’ai senti que ça se corsait pour moi et que j’avais besoin d’un suivi plus étroit et surtout je me sentais capable et j’avais envie d’échanger. J’ai alors opté pour l’option Premium et ce fut une excellente idée ! Désormais, je peux envoyer "mes devoirs" à Juliane qui me les corrige. C’est donc du sur mesure car ce sont mes tournures de phrases, ma façon de m’exprimer et du vocabulaire dont j’ai besoin; le tout corriger avec des explications.
Je peux aussi participer à ses échanges sur Zoom qu’elle organise tous les jours avec Christine. C’est vraiment génial de s’exprimer en allemand sans crainte avec des personnes du monde entier.

En résumé, je vous recommande vivement de vous inscrire à Germantogo. Je n’ai qu’un regret : ne pas avoir trouvé Juliane plus rapidement !

PS : désolée, c’est un témoignage un peu long mais je suis tellement enthousiaste que je n’ai pas réussi à faire plus court…

Juin de Faucal

Having moved to Germany 3 years ago I am desperately trying to learn German to B2. I have a 1:1 tutor but GermantoGo is so useful to put a structure on my individual learning. The logical structure, examples and test have been a fantastic help. Everyone I talk to in German have commented on how much I have improved.

Mülheim an der Ruhr

Easy to follow lessons and videos. Have been watching them with my family and we have progressed a lot. There are downloadable materials at every lesson. Grammar is explained wonderfully and there are a lot of useful vocabulary. One of the best websites to learn German from.

Mehmet Demirbilek

It’s a very comprehensive and easy way to learn German. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn at their own pace.

Melvin James

Learning Deutsch with Juliane is one of the best experiences I have gained. She is definitely one of the greatest who teaches every aspect of the language with patience and competence. Her method is really practical and outstanding.
I am sure everyone tries learning with her wouldn’t quit leaning German .
Viel Glück.


This is the best teach yourself German course I have encountered so far online, in my humble opinion.
Julianne goes to great lengths to explain grammatical concepts and provides numerous examples and exercises to keep you engaged.
In addition, you can learn at your own pace, anywhere.
She has recently been putting in a lot of work to expand the course to the B2 level.
On a personal level, this course has helped me expand my knowledge of German and I cannot thank her enough!

Dr. Fred Hudson

Mi è sempre piaciuto studiare le lingue straniere, ma con il tedesco è stato difficile e non ho mai raggiunto risultati soddisfacenti. L’anno scorso, a 67 anni, ho scoperto “German to Go” e sono ripartito da zero con nuovo entusiasmo. E’ un corso molto ben fatto di lezioni registrate, vive e coinvolgenti, nelle quali l’insegnante, Juliane, di madrelingua tedesca, ti prende per mano e ti accompagna a scoprire i segreti di questa bella lingua. Juliane insegna il tedesco usando inizialmente la lingua inglese (non difficile da capire), che poi un po’ alla volta si riduce e tutto viene fatto in tedesco. C’è pure la possibilità di avere la correzione delle proprie esercitazioni scritte e di prendere parte alle conversazioni con gli altri studenti. A me il corso piace molto. Naturalmente non è tutto facile e ci sono anche dei momenti di scoraggiamento, ma sento di avere fatto dei bei progressi e sono sicuro che un giorno potrò dire di “avercela fatta”. Una cosa è certa: con “German to Go” non mi sono mai annoiato e ogni mattina sono contento di riprendere lo studio. Consiglio vivamente questo corso a chiunque voglia imparare il tedesco: con costanza e buona volontà raggiungerà l’obiettivo e non resterà deluso/a.

Luciano Dal Sasso

Germantogo is one of the most comprehensive German courses ever made and presented by Juliane in a relaxed but structured manner. I fully recommend to anyone who seriously wants to learn German.


I would very much recommend this course to everyone who thinks about learning or revising German.. Juliane is a fantastic german teacher.. she teaches everything from grammer to listening to speacking to reading and she is very skillful in teaching.. this is a very comprehensive course taught in spectacular way!


German To Go has given me a holistic approach to learning German remotely. The materials are very well thought out and prepared and the exercises, very helpful. The speaking classes have helped me build my confidence in speaking and vocabulary. Frau Juliane is also very generous with her knowledge. She is very approachable and helpful. Highly recommend!

Cassandra Chelliah
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Juliane’s course is very comprehensive and also different from textbooks. The contents are varied and mostly useful for daily life. Her structure of the course is also with logic. I didn’t follow her step by step actually, because I’d like to move on to next level faster. But then I realized some of my problems rooted in the fact that I jumped tests and Wiederholungen. I strongly recommend this course and looking forward to more advanced course.


The German to Go course is very well planned and organised. Juliane explains the concepts clearly and elaborately in the video lessons. She comes back to the main learning points again and again so that the students learn and understand the concept.

This is an excellent course for people who need to learn German at their own pace and can not commit to a regular class in a language school.
The pricing is very fair and much cheaper compared to what one usually pays in regular classes.

Juliane is excellent in motivating her students to keep learning by introducing learning challenges regularly and offering interesting prizes to the winners.
I have gone through all the courses from A1 to B1 and renewed my annual membership a couple of times since I was very satisfied with the quality of the offered course.


German to Go is a German language beginner’s dream. The course is asynchronous, so you can learn at your leisure. The videos attack grammar head on and give you the most important items up front. You get the support of the community and I’ve met great people through G2G. I really cannot recommend it enough!

Heather Travar

Juliane has created a fantastic course. She is a great teacher and has produced a well-structured video course that takes you through how the German language works.

I have also benefitted from taking part in her speaking classes and also opportunities to talk to other students on her ‘Samstag Sprachcafe’ platform.

I would like to thank Juliane and Christine for helping me improve my German skills.

Stuart Dearnley
United Kingdom

This is the best thing you can ever do to learn german. I’ve tried literally everything, buying these audiobooks and repeating after them like a robot or joining one of these highly structured, overrated schools that take up to 4 months to finish a single level! Insane! By accident on YouTube, I saw Julianne and I was blown away by the way she explains German, I was hooked ! This is it, I finally found it., I finished her A2 course in about a month and I’m now doing her B1 course Which will take me about the same time roughly ! But beware my friends, B1 is a completely different animal, dedicate yourself to it fully and you’ll find It a little more challenging, But you’ll also find it very doable and with time, you’ll have such a sense of accomplishment and pride of what you have done in the amount of time that you have short time you have spent in the comfort of your home and pace. Julianne is a blessing, her work and effort has affected many people, and what a worthy way to live life ! German is difficult but remember, “Was uns nicht umbringt, macht uns stärker!”. Good luck fellow learners. Don’t hesitate with this course. Aller Anfang ist schwer!


If you are a complete beginner or want to improve your knowledge its a must have course. The course is perfectly structured and following all the steps you will learn proper grammar and all the required words and expressions that reflect the respective levels. Juliane has put a lot of efforts in creating the course and you will be impressed with what the membership has to offer.


Juliane is an amazing teacher and her interactive online course is wonderful. She diligently prepares lessons and activities as well as helpful exercises & videos. It is by far the best online course I have ever taken and would highly recommend it to any beginner or student who wants a refresher. She is a thorough, helpful and organized instructor and makes the lessons fun yet challenging. I’m looking forward to continuing my studies.


Juliane gerçekten harika bir öğretmen.
Sıfırdan başlayarak Juliane ile B1 seviyesinde Almancayı eğlenceli ve zevkli bir şekilde öğrenebilirsiniz.
Ders anlatımları çok açıklayıcı ve akıcı.
Juliane herhangibir sorunuz olduğunda size en kısa sürede yardımcı olmaktadır.
Almancayı Juliane ile öğrenmek gerçekten basit ve zevkli.
Bugüne kadar Almancadan korkmama rağmen Juliane sayesinde Almancanın korkulacak bir dil olmadığını öğrendim.

Juliane ist für mich die beste Deutschlehrerin.
Vielen Dank.


My 2 years of journey with Germantogo / Juliane Mam.
I studied A1,A2, and B1 from this site.
I have taken longer time in completing this course because of my personal life. If you study daily with a focused mind, then you can finish all 3 levels within a year. Because of my less focus towards this course, I had habit of asking many questions on lessons.
I made many mistakes often. But, Juliane Mam replied to my questions within 24 hours. It’s an advantage to receive reply sooner which helps us to study next lessons. The more detailed she explains, the concepts become more clearer.
I did not give any exams yet so I can’t write anything about it. I am still at the end of course.
In case of A1-A2 level, I think Juliane mam provides better teaching. When I interacted with A1-A2 level students from other Institutes, I was more confident and had more knowledge. Studying A1-A2 level from her will make you have a strategy of learning further.
In all the levels, she provides some dialogue conversation lessons. Those are helpful for the people who want to stay in Germany and also for the ones who want to do job.
Her lessons improve us with Hören skills. I can understand other people German videos but I noticed my level people from other institutes were not able to understand it.
She also provides huge set of vocabularies along with meanings.
During my course, she had hosted some Video face to face calls or group calls few times. I could not participate but I think it’s a good thing.
It’s good for people who don’t have time or can’t go out for study purpose. Stay at home and learn everything right here.
The benefit is you don’t have to travel to some institute or other place and spend many hours in learning there. You can learn in short time on this site at anytime. Again one more benefit is, the cost is too low compared to other places.
She does her job of helping you but you should also take effort to practice and learn efficiently.
I will be waiting for her next level course.
Vielen Dank für den Kurs. 🙂
Best wishes 🙂


As a beginner, it’s often that we don’t know where to get started learning a new language. I have been searching German courses on the internet for quite a while. It is really hard to find a well-structured courses until I found GermanToGo on YouTube. I don’t hesitate to subscribe immediately. In the courses, the object of each course is clear and well-defined. The teacher is very patient to answer each student’s question and also provides good materials for students to review. Not only do we practice a lot, but also have a lot of fun.


German-to-Go has become the most important element in my journey of self taught German. I have studied several other languages and Juliane really is the best language teacher I have ever had. I wasn’t so sure about taking a video course over private tutoring online, but her teaching technique, materials, website and personal feedback are outstanding. The lessons are strategically sequenced step-by-step with key vocabulary and grammar constantly reviewed, helping the student build on prior skills and internalize the syntax. Her technique makes it possible for me to retain the material and helps me gain confidence. I know that I can ask Juliane questions at any time, and she is amazing at clearly explaining the concept with examples and corrections. Her feedback is very timely and clear. No other course have I found that has this personal connection. I sincerely cannot recommend this course enough. It is by far the best one out there.

Diana M Wallach

I am glad that I found German to Go because Juliane is an amazing teacher. The course has a path that you can follow to learn everything properly. It is not like many other online courses that you only have bites of content. Juliane explains everything, answers questions and is really helpful. There is also more content, not only the video course, so you can learn the language and also know more about the culture.
This is so far the best German online course that I know.

Fernanda Freitas Campos

I’ve worked with many tutors before Juliane and felt disheartened about learning German. After working with Juliane, my goals of becoming fluent in German were suddenly within reach. It’s been about a year now since I’ve signed up on Germantogo and I feel so relieved to finally be able to make sense of the language. Without a doubt, this is the best German course ever created. The course is well organised with each lesson building up on the other. Unlike other courses that focus mainly on Grammar.. Juliane has designed well thought out high quality content to facilitate short, fun and interactive lessons. Her lessons could look anywhere from practicing dialogues,