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Herzlich willkommen!

Es ist schön, dass du da bist!

It is great to have you here!


THE online course for

independent learners

  • You want to learn German - That's great!

Let's do this together and let me guide you all the way to fluency. In 69 well structured and varied lesson weeks - which you can complete at your own pace - we will see all the grammar you need, do lot's of interactive video exercises, speak about German culture and our daily life... everything you need to get along well in Germany.

  • It might seem overwhelming - learning a whole new language!

I hear you! Don't worry too much, because I am breaking it all down into small, digestible pieces. 😉 I'll also make sure you won't forget what you have learned. There are lots of repetitions and regular reviews throughout the course.

  • Need to learn on the go?

I've got you covered! With the new GTG app, you can download all your course videos and watch them offline. And there are hundreds of mp3 and PDF files as well!