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Herzlich willkommen!

Es ist schön, dass du da bist!


Coming soon!

I am happy to announce that my pronunciation course will be ready this month! You can look forward to about 40 videos, with exercises and downloadable worksheets.

The pronunciation course will be included in the Lite and in the Premium membership!

Not a member yet? Sign up for the free plan to be notified when it goes live.

  • Do you want to learn German?

I will guide you all the way to fluency in a total of 69 structured and varied lesson weeks.

  • It might seem overwhelming - learning a whole new language!

I hear you! Do not worry too much, because I am breaking it all down into small, digestible pieces. 😉

  • Worried about forgetting what you have learned?

There are lots of repetitions and regular reviews.

  • Need to learn on the go?

With the GTG new app, you can download all videos and watch them offline. Hundreds of mp3 and PDF files will support your learning everywhere you go.


Stop learning disconnected topics from Youtube and spending hours just looking for the right material.

Follow my step-by-step course, and enjoy the natural and logical progression.


Stop staying behind or getting bored in group language classes.

Advance at your own pace.


Stop not understanding what your group class teacher explains in German.

Get explanations in English all throughout level A1. The English is slowly phased out in level A2.


Stop having to drive to a language school.

Learn from the comfort of your home (or your office... from anywhere actually 😉)

Register now for a free account!

What you will receive:

  • Test the platform for free.

  • Access to 7 days of lessons for all levels (A1, A2, B1).

  • Complete beginners can start their language learning journey right away, with over one hour of video content for lesson week 1.

  • Access to hundreds of free grammar overview cards for you to download and learn from.

  • Monthly free exercises to train your your listening, reading and speaking skills.



Learn German online with Juliane’s German to Go and get access to an easy-to-follow, well-structured curriculum including the levels A1, A2, B1.

  • Learn from 900+ video explanations.

  • Do exercises.

  • Improve your reading and listening comprehension with lots of authentic resources produced by native speakers.

  • Download worksheets and audio files to work with wherever you are.

  • Meet other students at our weekly online “Sprachcafé”.