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Find all kinds of resources to practice your reading comprehension.

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Learn new words and structures by reading authentic non-fiction stories written by native speakers. Read them, listen to them and then complete the comprehension and pronunciation exercises at the bottom of each story.


When you live in Germany, you can grow your vocabulary  and validate grammar rules for yourself by reading everything around you – signs on the street, advertisements, official communications, handwritten messages, …

This is your opportunity to do that, even if you are in another country!


Who doesn’t like to read and listen to jokes? With vocabulary help and categorised by level, it won’t even be too hard to understand them in German! With these German jokes, you will expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar skills just like that, with a smile on your face.


In this category, you can find some of my favourite German poems. Which one is your favorite?


Use these short German texts to train your ear and to get used to the melody of the German language. Listen to the slow version and then to the fast version. Don’t worry if you don’t get all of it. Just let the language come to you. 

With pronunciation exercises and worksheets with exercises.


This is a small collection of stories I wrote that are inspired by moments I experienced with my daughter when she was little. With audio. Enjoy! 😀

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