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Woche 19 - Week 19

Here is a list of all the new words from this lesson. Seeing them in various contexts is a very natural way of practising your vocabulary and will help you remember much easier than just learning them by heart.


✔️ Practice: Read through each term. Listen to the audio and read along. Pay special attention to the new word in each sentence.

💡 Tip: You can also click the audio button before reading the example sentences. Close your eyes and just listen. Try to recognize the new word in each sentence. You might even understand longer parts or all of it just by hearing. Give it a try! 😉

🎤 Optional: Use the sentences for the shadowing technique. Pause the recording after each example sentence. Say each one out loud repeating after me and paying special attention to my pronunciation and intonation.

Tag 130: Ordinalzahlen (Übung) - Ordinal numbers (exercise)

Work in progress.png

trampen - to hitch-hike

• Otto möchte nach Italien trampen.
• Früher war trampen ganz normal.
• Würdest du auch trampen?

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verlassen - to leave

• In drei Wochen verlasse ich Köln.
• Wird Maria ihren Freund verlassen?
• Simon verlässt gerade das Gebäude.

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