How much time will it take to go through the course?

It will depend on how much time you can invest to do the course. I would recommend doing three lessons per week, so that you have time to digest and really take in everything you learn. In this case, if you start from zero, it will take you about four months to go through the first 50 lessons and to build a solid foundation and to reach level A1.


If you are not a beginner and just want to review some aspects of the language, you can go through the course quicker, of course.


And if you are super busy and it is really hard for you to find some time for German, complete at least one lesson per week. In this case, it will take you about a year to complete the first 50 lessons.


Apart from the video lessons, there are also many “Extras” – short texts using only the grammar and vocabulary seen previously in class. So, even if you are very busy, I recommend taking at least 5 minutes every day to listen to these audios. They won’t require too much attention and thinking, but they will be great for consolidating what you have learned before. Try to do a little bit of German every day and you will be amazed by the results! :)

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