How is your video course different from other video courses?

No other German video course on the internet is as well structured and versatile as this one.


Even if you are a complete beginner, you will be able to follow without getting lost. Each lesson of my course builds up on the previous lessons, in terms of grammar and in terms of vocabulary used. In the beginners’ stage, you will never be exposed to overly complicated and unnecessary words and sentences. We will constantly review the concepts seen earlier and do many, many exercises until you are able to do them in your sleep.


Other video courses only contain grammar explanations and you are a passive listener. Here, it’s not just a mere series of disconnected grammar or vocabulary videos. You get to participate and SPEAK yourself. We will do exercises together and slowly, step by step, increase your level of German.


The so-called “Extras” are bonuses with texts that contain only topics covered in class earlier. You can use them to better learn the vocabulary, they will show alternative sentences and how much you are actually already able to understand, which will be great for boosting your confidence.


The course is very complete and will give you a profound understanding of the German language. It will ultimately lead you to being able to make sentences yourself and to speaking the language with confidence.

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