No other German video course on the internet is as well structured and versatile as this one.


Even if you are a complete beginner, you will be able to follow without getting lost. Each lesson of my course builds up on the previous lessons, in terms of grammar and in terms of vocabulary used. In the beginners’ stage, you will never be exposed to overly complicated and unnecessary words and sentences. We will constantly review the concepts seen earlier and do many, many exercises until you are able to do them in your sleep.


Other video courses only contain grammar explanations and you are a passive listener. Here, it’s not just a mere series of disconnected grammar or vocabulary videos. You get to participate and SPEAK yourself. We will do exercises together and slowly, step by step, increase your level of German.


The so-called “Extras” are bonuses with texts that contain only topics covered in class earlier. You can use them to better learn the vocabulary, they will show alternative sentences and how much you are actually already able to understand, which will be great for boosting your confidence.


The course is very complete and will give you a profound understanding of the German language. It will ultimately lead you to being able to make sentences yourself and to speaking the language with confidence.

As a tutor, I am very committed to answering all the questions my students might have. You can always send me emails and there is a question and comment section at the bottom of each lesson page. So whatever your doubts, I will make sure you have them clarified quickly so that you can move on with the lessons. In addition, you will get support through motivation sheets on which you can track your progress. Every two weeks, I am picking a student who wins a free 30-minute conversation session with me – you just need to complete at least one lesson per week and let me know which one(s).

The course roughly follows the European Framework for Languages. However, the priority of topics varies a bit: For example, in textbooks, the adjective declension and sentences with “weil” (because) and “dass” (that) are usually taught a bit later in the curriculum. I consider them to be very fundamental and useful, so I teach them very soon in the course. After completing the first 50 lessons (part 1), you will have built a solid foundation and will be able to pass the A1 exam.

Yes, the course is absolutely suitable for complete beginners. I developed the curriculum when I was taking my one-on-one students from speaking no German at all to speaking it fluently. The whole course progresses naturally and logically, with clear explanations and many practise exercises.

During my one-on-one classes, I have always had students from intermediate levels B1, B2, or even more advanced, who had a lot of gaps concerning very fundamental grammar. They managed to express themselves well, to say everything they wanted to say, but they kept making a lot of mistakes. Either they learned the language on their own and skipped important rules, or they attended a course in which the teacher moved forward too fast and didn’t leave the students enough time to really internalise basics like the declensions, the past tense, word order etc. In my classes, the material was always tailored to my students’ personal needs and with many advanced learners, I actually went though A1 topics to start filling these gaps. So, if this sounds familiar to you, then yes, the course is also for you!

If you want to be able to make your own sentences and be able to express most things you want to say on your trip, then yes, the course is for you. The first 50 lessons cover everything you need to know to reach a good, basic German – including asking questions, giving and understanding directions, reserving a room, understanding a German menu and so many more things. They correspond to the level A1 of the common European framework, and cover the most important parts of grammar you will ever need in the German language.
However, there is work involved. It is not one of these courses which teach you sentences to say in different situations and that you should learn by heart. In that type of courses, you might be able to quickly pick up some phrases that will be useful on your trip, but they won’t give you the power of creating your own sentences and you probably won’t understand what people answer back.
So, it depends on the level of understanding and autonomy you want to reach and the time that you can invest for learning. If you are looking for a course that teaches you “yes”, “no”, “where is the toilet?” kind of phrases and only want to invest two or three hours of learning, this course is not for you. But if you want to understand the underlying structure of the language so that you can actually make your own sentences and even go a bit further, then it will be perfect for you. You will have to invest about 50 hours for my videos and some additional time for homework and review. And who knows you might like it so much that you just keep learning until you speak it fluently :)

Your subscription includes full and immediate access to everything available on the website, 270+ videos (over 35 hours), pdf and audio files in the video course (currently “beginner” and “elementary”).


In the section “Short texts”, you will have additional access to vocabulary lists, downloadable audio files and worksheets as well as my special pronunciation training. In “Short videos”, you will see questions and answers on grammar aspects used in the videos and in “short stories”, you will see a vocabulary list and downloadable worksheets and audio files. 


You can contact me directly for any needs and questions you might have.


New materials will be added monthly.


The “beginner” part of the course will lead you from zero German to being able to complete the language exam for level A1. About half of my A2 course is already produced. The course is also of great use for more advanced learners who want to get a deeper understanding of how the language works and to correct their mistakes, to become more confident speaking.


You will get access to all materials that will be published during the time of your subscription.

The course is a video version of the one-on-one lessons I have been developing and teaching for last couple of years.


It’s a mix of clear grammar explanations, many interactive exercises, role plays, cultural topics as well as texts and German music. For all materials, you will find a downloadable worksheet and audio file to be able to learn in places where you don’t have access to the internet or for when you just don’t want to be sitting in front of a screen.


The course is made up of video lessons, but you are not supposed to watch them passively. You need to play an active part by saying the answers to my questions out aloud so that you can get used to actually SPEAKING German. There will be enough time for you to formulate your answers before I give you my correct version.


You will actually SEE me in each video. I tried to design the course for you to have an experience that is as close to having a one-on-one tutor as possible. And you can always ask me your questions.

It will depend on how much time you can invest to do the course. I would recommend doing three lessons per week, so that you have time to digest and really take in everything you learn. In this case, if you start from zero, it will take you about four months to go through the first 50 lessons and to build a solid foundation and to reach level A1.


If you are not a beginner and just want to review some aspects of the language, you can go through the course quicker, of course.


And if you are super busy and it is really hard for you to find some time for German, complete at least one lesson per week. In this case, it will take you about a year to complete the first 50 lessons.


Apart from the video lessons, there are also many “Extras” – short texts using only the grammar and vocabulary seen previously in class. So, even if you are very busy, I recommend taking at least 5 minutes every day to listen to these audios. They won’t require too much attention and thinking, but they will be great for consolidating what you have learned before. Try to do a little bit of German every day and you will be amazed by the results! :)

You will see all the membership plans available by clicking on “Pricing”.

You can pay by Paypal or credit card.

Yes, there is a money back guarantee. For the 3 months plan it is 10 days, for the 6 months membership it is 2 weeks and for the annual membership it is 1 month. If the course is not for you, just send me a message in time at and tell me why would like to have a refund. Of course I cannot give a refund if I see that you have already consumed too much the course or downloaded too many of the pdf and audio files.

I am always there to answer your questions. Just drop me a message at :)