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Danke! Your tips are already on their way to your inbox!

In the meantime, take a look at what German to Go has to offer...

After years of creation and improvement, I am so excited to introcuce...

The German to Go Complete Language Course

The self-study course that will help you achieve fluency even if you are busy.

  • Strengthen your basic grammar so you have strong foundation to build upon.

  • Practice your speaking skills so you feel confident in real-life situations.

  • Build your vocabulary so you can stop looking for words when booking a doctor's appointment.

  • Improve your pronunciation so you are easily understood by others.

  • Learn about German culture and everyday life to avoid uncomfortable surprises.

  • Feel independent and get along well as an expat in Germany.

What you will get:
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🟢 Structured learning path
Stop learning from disconnected bits of grammar.

🟢 Comprehensive course
Find everything you need to actually learn in one place.

🟢 Video exercises and regular tests
Make sure you understand the previous topics before moving on to the next ones.

🟢 Downloadable materials
Print out worksheets, overviews and listen to MP3 files.

🟢 Vocabulary lists and grammar overviews

Have everythig you need at one glance.

🟢 Interviews with native speakers

See what German sounds like in real life.


🟢 Use the app to watch all your videos offline

Study even if you have no internet connection available.

🟢 Lots of speaking opportunities

Use the language in a safe environment and actually put what you learn into practice.

🟢 Access to the community

Get tips and encouragement from your fellow students.


From only 14€/month!

Here is what they're saying...

I’ve worked with many tutors before Juliane and felt disheartened about learning German. After working with Juliane, my goals of becoming fluent in German were suddenly within reach. It’s been about a year now since I’ve signed up on Germantogo and I feel so relieved to finally be able to make sense of the language. Without a doubt, this is the best German course ever created. (Priyanka, India)

After having struggled for 5 months trying to learn the German language on my own and feeling pretty much out of my depth, I came upon the wonderful Juliane and her germantogo German language learning website. Starting from scratch and now having completed the A1 part of the course, it has been a revelation and really enjoyable. Scott (Scotland)

Available plans
Access to all materials!
 14 € / month 


 146 € / year 

- save 22 € -

(+ VAT where applicable)

✔️ Access to all levels:
         - Beginner (A1)
         - Elementary (A2)
         - Intermediate (B1)

✔️ Structured learning path

✔️ 900+ lesson videos

✔️ Exercises and tests

✔️ Downloadable worksheets

✔️ Downloadable audios

✔️ Vocabulary lists

✔️ Watch your lesson videos offline through the GTG app

✔️ Access to my full pronunciation course

✔️ Access to our "Sprachcafé"
       (regular student-only meetings)

✔️ Access to our community

✔️ Lots of additional materials to practice your reading, listening, speaking & writing skills

✔️ Join single group conversation sessions with a teacher for 7€ / 35 minutes

✔️ You can pause your membership once a year for a maximum of 2 months.

With personalized guidance!
 50 € / month 


 548 € / year 

- save 52 € -

(+ VAT where applicable)

🟡 Everything from LITE plus:

✔️ Includes regular group conversation sessions with a teacher

✔️ Get personalized answers to all your questions

✔️ Receive personal corrections

✔️ Read other students' questions and my answers

  • Click here to check what the rate corresponds to in your currency.

  • The rates above are for learners only. You are not allowed to modify, sell, copy or distribute the content.

  • You will have access to all levels and materials including everything new that will be uploaded while your subscription is valid. There are no hidden costs and no automatic renewal. Depending on the conversion rate, the rate may differ a little if you don’t pay in Euros.


Got any questions?

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