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Juliane Klingenberg Nery

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Since I was a teenager, I loved learning languages. English and French were by far my favorite subjects at school. And I always knew I wanted to “do something with languages” later. After a  school-exchange, where I spent 5 months in Paris, I was even more certain about it.
Fast forwarding a couple of years, I found myself studying “Modern Foreign Languages” in a European program which allowed me to study in France, England and Germany. That’s when I started teaching German to kids and adults, 1-1, after class.
After my internship in Canada, where I met my Brazilian husband, we decided to move to Brazil. And some of my German students from Canada kept having regular lessons with me over Skype. Everything was taken online and I started to create my own PDF materials. Teaching German was so much fun and that’s when it occured to me that this is what I actually want do for a living!
I continued to teach online after we moved to Germany. As the lessons became more popular and I was not able to handle the demand, the first ideas for an online video course started to come to me.

 I had the vision of creating an online learning platform with videos in which I would teach German just the way I would teach a student who was sitting right in front of me. I imagined a place where students from all over the world could learn about grammar and the German culture, but also do exercises and be active themselves. That’s what I have now accomplished with German to Go, and I cannot wait to teach you, too!

Ganz liebe Grüße,



Ich bin eine “waschechte” Berlinerin.

I am a “real”, actual Berliner.


Neben Deutsch spreche ich Englisch, Französisch und brasilianisches Portugiesisch fließend.

Apart from German, I speak English, French and Brazilian Portuguese fluently.


Ich habe lange im Ausland gelebt: 2,5 Jahre in Frankreich, 2 Jahre in Brasilien, 1 Jahr in England, 1 Jahr in Kanada.

I lived abroad for a long time: 2,5 years in France, 2 years in Brazil, 1 year in England, 1 year in Canada.


In meiner Freizeit trifft man mich am häufigsten auf dem Spielplatz an – mit meinen zwei Kindern.

In my freetime you will mostly see me at the playground – with my 2 kids.


Mein Mann ist Brasilianer. Wir sind schon seit 2010 glücklich verheiratet.

My husband is Brazilian. We have been happily married since 2010.


Ich bin Optimistin.

I am an optimist.


Ich liebe es zu wandern und Zeit in der Natur zu verbringen.

I love hiking and spending time in nature.


Ich habe letztes Jahr einen großen Baum an die Wand in unserem Wohnzimmer gemalt.

I painted a huge tree on a wall in our living room last year.


Ich trinke nicht so oft Kaffee, aber wenn, dann genieeeeeße ich ihn - besonders gerne mit einem Croissant!

I don't drink coffee very often, but when I do, I truly enjoy it - especially with a croissant!


Ich bearbeite all meine Unterrichtsvideos allein.

I edit all my lesson videos by myself.


Do you want to learn German or improve your German? I would love to take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way.




You can rely on German to Go to give you everything you need to speak fluent German and on me to always give my best to support you on your journey as well as possible.


The course is the product of years of work and experience teaching students in person and online. It is not something quickly drawn up over a couple of weeks or months.


I care deeply about my students and would like to see everyone succeed. You are my students, not just an order number. I am always interested in your story and in your goals. Even though it’s a video course, you can always consider me to be your teacher.description. Use this space to add a description of the services, products, team members or any other items you want to highlight on your site. Have a lot to say? Easily turn any item into a full page by clicking ‘Create a page from this item’ in the edit panel.


In my course, you won’t waste your time playing around. Every single element will take you one step closer to your goal of speaking fluent German. Thanks to video interviews, authentic audio files, speaking prompts and sessions, you will be well prepared for applying your German skills in real life.


German to Go comes with a clear study plan. You will be guided from A to Z and never feel lost not knowing what to do or where to go next. We will work on all four core competences: listening, reading, speaking and writing.


Grammar is explained clearly and simply and followed up with lots of exercises.


I feel passionate about providing high quality German instruction at an affordable price. I love what I do and I could not imagine doing anything else. It is my goal to fill my students with a passion for the German language as well.

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